24 Apr 2019

Kingsmen and Discovery, Inc. announce plans to develop Animal Planet Travelling Experiences

Discover Inc, Animal Planet IP

Ʊ announced that Kingsmen Xperience, Inc., its US-based subsidiary has entered into a worldwide  development agreement with global entertainment company Discovery, Inc., through Discovery Licensing (“Discovery”) for the development of Animal Planet travelling experiences.

Under the worldwide development agreement, Kingsmen will co-conceptualize, create, build and operate multiple Animal Planet traveling experiences, with the first experience scheduled to open in Singapore at the end of 2019. This will be the first Animal Planet branded experience for Discovery and marks the start of an inaugural partnership between the two companies.

Leveraging on the world-class storytelling capabilities of both companies, the travelling experiences will incorporate high-quality immersive spaces that bring education alive and present fresh learning opportunities for visitors of all ages.

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